Weekly Update 2007-07-30

Here are the details of today’s Weekly Update meeting:

  • Fx/TBird – Due to bug 389580, Fx will be released tonight. TBird in a few days.
  • TBird 3 – Be sure to check out Thunderbird’s Future as well as Mitchell Speaks Out about finding a new home to TBird.
  • Fx3:
    • New protocol handling dialog landed; critical regressions cleaned up. One alpha/m 7 blocker remains; it has a patch and is in the review cycle.
    • Places: Working on final M7 bug. UI focus for M8 is ongoing

    Gecko 1.9:

    • M7 Release still pending.
    • Tree will remained closed until M7 crashes resolved (four on platform). Bugs flagged as blocking 1.9+ with a Target Milestone of mozilla1.9 M7 must be resolved before tree will reopen.

Complete meeting notes.