Move Stop/Go/Reload to Left Side

Firefox 4 introduced the Combined Stop/Reload button, which placed a unified stop/reload button on the right side of the address bar. While it possible to uncouple the buttons and move them separated, there is no way to move the unified button to the other side of the address bar. There has been an ongoing discussion about this in the Firefox Builds Group. A Stylish script (script on was created which will move the unified stop/go/reload button to the left of the address bar and keep it attached. This will work on the current Firefox 5, 6 and 7 developmental builds as well.

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  1. Edgard Michiel | June 9, 2011 at 8:00 AM |

    I found something that works fine for me:
    Rightclick on an empty space of the toolbars and choose ‘customize’.
    Now I can drag any of the buttons where I want them to have!

    • That will work fine for most all toolbar buttons, except the stop/reload. When you go into Customize mode the stop/reload are separated and will remain so unless on the right side of the address bar. Using this CSS tweak keeps the buttons as one and moves it to the left.

  2. Thank you..really informative!!

  3. I’ve been using that userstyle since FF4 betas and have to tell you having the stop/reload button on the “wrong” end of the address bar bugged the heck out of me!!! 😉 I’m fairly new to your blog and don’t know if you’ve covered this but the creator of this userstyle also has an extension/addon that he developed that is worth checking out. Status-4-Evar. I have for a couple years now managed to show network status and link address in the address/url bar. The way I use it is to replace the website address with the network status or the link address for just a second or two or however long I mouse over a link. I don’t have any popup for status or link info. This way all the info I want is at the top of the browser. Rarely ever do I open the addon/status bar.

  4. hotnikkelz | June 9, 2011 at 2:03 PM |

    Umm no, you can drag the individual buttons to the left side, put them side by side and then when you end your customization, the buttons will be unified automatically for themselves. My unified stop/reload button is on the left hand side, when done this way since FF4 came out

    • Okay, that does appear to work but it is separated from the address bar (not that I really care about that) so it doesn’t have a clean look to it as you would get with the Stylish script.

  5. great. makes much more sense when forward/backward are also on the left side!

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