Qualys, A Tool to Help Secure Your Browser

Web browsers are top targets for hackers. They’re abused in more than 90 percent of attacks meant to hit random Internet users (versus more targeted strikes), according to Kaspersky Labs. And more than half of those attacks exploit flaws in browser software and seek to install dangerous malware on computers.
“Why all the attention? Because browsers are an easy target. Computer users perennially ignore update reminders and run old versions with well-known security holes. They also use ancient browser plug-ins, which aren’t as easy to update and are often rich with known vulnerabilities. As a result, a whopping 80 percent of computers run outdated, unsecure browsers or plug-ins, according to Qualys, a firm that helps companies manage software vulnerabilities.
“To say we make ourselves low-hanging and abundant fruit for hackers is an understatement. But with the help of a new free tool for consumers from Qualys called BrowserCheck, you can make yourself significantly less available for the picking with relative ease… “

June 15, 2011

More Qualys, A Tool to Help Secure Your Browser – NYTimes.com

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  1. I think ie engine is safer than other engines .i used to use chrome and Firefox and they really good .however, i haven’t use them since some news said that they are insecurity. Now i’m using Avant browser and i think AB is the best of ie engine browsers (in ie engine).

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