ChromEdit Plus Issues

I use the ChromEdit Plus extension a lot and it is one of the first few add-ons (CoLT, Greasemonkey, Photobucket Uploader are others) that I will install on a fresh profile. I was trying to get some screenshots for an upcoming blog article about Clean Firefox Toolbar buttons. I created a new profile in for Firefox via the ProfileManager application and installed ChromEdit Plus.

After I restarted Firefox, I added the three buttons I use which come with this add-on, Profile Folder, Restart and ChromEdit. So then I clicked the ChromEdit and pasted in the CSS for the tweak and clicked the Save button. Odd, the save button didn’t grey out like it would normally do. But, sometimes this happens and clicking Restart will usually save the changes and restarts the browser. So, after clicking restart Firefox came back up, but there were no changes. Clicked the ChromEdit button again and the editor was blank. This should have clued me in right-away that there was a problem as both files have either a header and/or comments already in them.

I do recall running into this problem before and had to do with the chrome folder being MIA. I clicked the Profile Folder button and that profile folder opened up in Windows Explorer. Sure enough, for whatever reason the ProfileManager application does not create a chrome folder. So the ChromEdit application is trying to save the userChrome.css or userContent.css files to somewhere that does not exist. So, it was just a matter of creating a chrome folder inside that profile folder then copying in the default userChrome.css and userContent.css files.

I have provided copies of these files as they are by default that you can download. Create a chrome folder within your profile folder and then copies these two files into this folder. Restart Firefox and when you go into ChromEdit you should now see the comments in the files.