Password Exporter

Firefox 3.6-6.0

While updating the Wiki came across the old Importing Saved Passwords article which was very much in need of an update. A little searching and found the Password Exporter extension which will allow you to import and/or export your Firefox passwords. You will need to have this extension installed on all copies of Firefox you are going to be working with.

Once installed go to Tools > Options > Security Tab and then click the Import/Export Passwords button.

Click either Export Passwords or Import Passwords. Warning: Selecting the Obfuscate Usernames/Passwords option will make the raw export file unreadable to humans, however the passwords can still be viewed once the file is imported into Firefox. When clicking export a dialog box will pop-up asking you to select a location to save the export file. Be sure to make note of this location as you will need it when you go to import the passwords. Note: If a password entry already exists for a given website when importing, that entry will not be imported.

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  1. I get an “xml parse error” when I use this. Doesn’t work for me.

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