Lightning For Thunderbird 5.0

Lightning 1.0 Beta 4 RC 2 (released today) works with Thunderbird 5.0 and can be obtained via AMO. While the AMO page does show Lightning 1.0 Beta 4 in the description it is still downloads 1.0 Beta 2. Warning: Attempting to force older versions of Lightning to work with Thunderbird 5.0 will not work.

For those looking for the Provider for Google Calendar there is a new version available as well.

4 Comments on Lightning For Thunderbird 5.0

  1. Hmm, but no updated gdata provider. Is it safe to assume it hasn’t been changed since 1.0b4rc1?

  2. Oops, sorry–I meant 0.8pre. I got gdata provider from the Mozilla FTP site, where it was in the same directory with lightning 1.0b4rc1.

    Happily running 0.8 now after getting TB 5.0.

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