New Spell Check For TBird 3

Hunspell has replaced the old MySpell spell check engine in Thunderbird 3.  Hunspell also replaced MySpell in last year.  Good news is dictionaries that are already installed while for MySpell will work with the Hunspell engine.

Hunspell offers support for Asian languages, Unicode support, morphological analysis and support for complex compounds and agglutinative languages like Azeri, Basque, Estonian and Hungarian.

No word at this time when Hunspell will replace MySpell in Fx 2.0.0.X/3.X or TBird 2.

 News Source: Mozilla Links

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  1. I’m curious, from the time a bug in TB is reported, how long is the typical time it takes to get fixed. The bug I reported in TB is still unresolved coming close to a year.

    Hence, when I see new fancy features being added to TB, I wish that TB would just get the basics working properly first, because adding new fancy features that aren’t used by most people.

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