Weekly Update 2007-07-16

Here are the details of today’s Weekly Update meeting:

  • Fx/TBird Release due a critical security bug (cross browser scripting). Also a regression was found in Fx resulting in a re-spin. Currently testing Fx, updates available soon for testing. Possible release this Thursday (07/19) but TBird could be released Friday or following week.
  • Fx3:
  • Places team focused on UI (details)
  • Download manager spec complete
  • Ongoing design discussions in d-a-f
  • AddOns specs in progress, Madhava and Rob Strong leading that work
  • More plans to be posted this week about visual refresh
  • M7 freeze next week, m8 is feature frozen (Sept 5th freeze)
  • TBird 3 – No new news, work continues on leak fixes, frozen linkage and hunspell integration.
  • Gecko 1.9 – No major news
  • Mozilla:
  • Air Mozilla went great. About 150 video viewers and scores of questions coming from IRC, Email, and IM.
    • Air Mozilla on demand (podcasts) to be posted in multiple formats this week.
    • Interviews on Air Mozilla to become a regular feature (starting monthly, and hopefully moving to every two weeks.) Collecting suggestions for next guest. Email Asa.

Complete meeting notes.