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A new feature in Firefox 6 is domain highlighting which is another feature that is already in place with Chrome and IE. This features makes the main domain standout in the address bar. You will notice in the example below, the is black whilst the http:// and blog. sub domain are in grey.

For those would prefer the entire address to be one color, there is an about:config tweak that will disable this feature.

  1. In a new tab paste & go about:config into the address bar
  2. If needed…Click the I’ll be careful, I promised button.
  3. Filter for browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled
  4. Double-click to change the value to False
  5. Close the tab. Changes take effect immediately.

8 Comments on Remove Domain Highlighting

  1. Wonderful, keep it up thanks.

  2. Thankyou so much. I hate it when they change little things about the UI like that. I’m OCD so it bugs me to no end.

  3. yes make half the address less easy to see! Great Idea ff devs *rolleyes*
    its disappointing that more and more these days im looking for the solution to turn OFF these “features” i feel like im constantly trying to fix things that weren’t broken before

  4. It may bug we users far-familiar with the web, but this can help people avoid phishing attacks. It makes it stand out if they are on the right domain.

  5. Thanks for the tip on how to disable this! I’ll second CSDragon’s comment about being a bit OCD and hating little interface changes like this. However, at the same time I do see the reasoning behind this change. While I can immediately pick out the domain name in a non-highlighted URL, not everybody can. It will probably help prevent a few phishing attacks, so no harm done (especially since we can turn it off if we want to).

  6. THANK YOU. very quick and helpful.

  7. Thanks so much for giving us the ability to turn it off…and to echo another poster, its a value added to have, its value added to be able to turn off…both parties are happy 🙂

    A lesson chrome and IE should learn and why I love firefox!

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