Apple has ‘fully resumed’ Advertising on Twitter

Image by Jan Kuss from Pixabay

Last week Twitter’s Chief Twit through a fit claiming “Apple hates free speech” and Apple was going to remove Twitter from the App Store. Of course as we found out later in the week it was all a “big misunderstanding“. This is good news given Twitter Blue is only supported on iOS (though the relaunch keeps getting pushed back).  Not sure why Musk is so infatuated with Apple (other then it is only platform Twitter Blue will be offered on). Perhaps it is bandwagon logic is since Apple is Twitter’s largest advertiser on Twitter than others will follow too.

According to Elon Musk, Apple has “fully resumed” advertising on Twitter. The billionaire made the comment during a Twitter Spaces conversation he broadcast from his private plane on Saturday evening. On November 28th, Musk claimed Apple had “mostly stopped advertising on Twitter” and threatened to remove the platform’s iOS client from the App Store. “Do they hate free speech?” Musk asked his followers and went on to play up the censorship angle.

The New York Times reports Apple temporarily stopped advertising on Twitter following the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs on November 19th. The outlet notes brands tend to their dial back their Twitter ads following shootings and disasters, primarily because they don’t want to see their products next to tweets about human tragedy.

That logic may hold true as it appears Amazon is about to return to advertising on Twitter. Though it is almost too late for Christmas…perhaps it will be more of a “Find what Santa didn’t get you for Christmas” type of campaign.

Nonetheless, it is good news for Twitter as they will start to see money coming in which would hopefully avoid the possibility of Twitter collapsing as a result of bankruptcy. However, even if Twitter can avoid bankruptcy, there still a good chance Twitter may get shutdown (at least in some countries) due to regulatory violations.

via Engadget