Fake Elon: ‘1000 new followers’ get ‘5000 BTC’

Image by Vkastro from Pixabay

Twitter users who have recently started following Elon Musk, Tesla and/or SpaceX are being lured into a Crypto giveaway scam ‘Freedom Giveaway”. These users are being added to a “Deal of the Year” list shortly after they start following one of Musk’s Twitter feeds. For most Twitter accounts, including Musk’s, the list of their followers is public and can be monitored by anyone including bots and threat actors for nefarious purposes.

New Musk followers are being added to a “Deal of the Year” list on Twitter that lures them into depositing small crypto amounts into the attackers’ wallet with the false promise of receiving up to 5000 Bitcoin in return.

On mobile, this is how the ‘Deal of the Year’ list looks like:

Twitter Deal of the Year scam list
Twitter ‘Deal of the Year’ list is a scam (BleepingComputer)

Sadly many people are going to fall for this with the lure of potentially getting around $85 Million USD for depositing small crypto amount (0.02 BTC to 1 BTC or $340 USD to almost $17,000 USD) into the scammer’s wallet. Thankfully, it sounds like the victim are going to be out the amount of Crypto they have deposited and not have their entire wallet drained. Once again, “if it sounds too good to be true…” Especially, since Elon is a little short on money right now after spending $44 Billion USD ($13 Billion USD of which he financed) to purchase Twitter back in the end of October.

via Bleeping Computer