Google Chrome can consume less Memory and Battery Power

Microsoft Corporation 252,75 +4,94 +1,99% Edge browser (built off the same Chromium platform) has already implemented the same features with these release of Edge 100 earlier this year. Now Google Inc. 108,80 +7,37 +7,27% Chrome users can enjoy these same memory and energy saving benefits with the upcoming Chrome 108 release for Windows macOS and ChromeOS platforms.

Google today announced two new performance settings in its Chrome browser: Memory Saver and Energy Saver.

Modern browsers eat up a lot of memory and while that’s not a problem if you have 32GB of RAM, Chrome using multiple gigabytes of your memory can quickly slow your machine down if you’re on a machine with lower specs. The Memory Saver mode promises to reduce Chrome’s memory usage by up to 30% by putting inactive tabs to sleep. The tabs will simply reload when you need them again. The Energy Saver mode, meanwhile, limits background activity and visual effects for sites with animations and videos when your laptop’s battery level drops below 20%.

via TechCrunch