Using Firefox 2.0b2 As Default Browser

Been using Firefox 2.0b2 as my default browser now for the past couple days. So far, very good and I am discovering several little things.

Those of you who use Firefox with Delphi Forums and WhiteMare’s WYSIWYG Editor, will be happy to hear that the Copy, Cut and Paste commands are on the context (right-click) menu.

The Inline Spellcheck works (sort of) within Delphi Forums and the Editor. There are a couple places where it is not ‘activated’, these are in the subject field when starting a new thread or poll and when editing a message. To ‘activate’ the Inline Spellcheck, simply right-click in the text-box and select ‘Spellcheck this field’. Important: Right-click on misspelled words for suggestions, to ignore or add.

The Session Restore feature can be setup now like that in Session Saver or Tab Mix Plus where it will ‘remember’ all your open tabs and windows when you close Firefox. To change this setting go to the ‘Tools’ Menu and select ‘Options…’. From there make sure you are in ‘Main’ and in the section ‘Startup’, select from the drop-down menu ‘Show my windows and tabs from last time’

DO NOT use or force the Download Manager Tweak extension, it will break your options window.

CyberNet News’s Ryan has very good guide with several tweaks for Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 (these also apply to Beta 2 as well). All of these involve using about:config to change these settings. To make things simpler I strongly recommend you get the about:config extension.

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