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September 20, 2006

AJAX Yahoo! Mail Extension

While I was searching the Firefox Addons page for the Yahoo!Mail notifier extension, I came across this interesting and very convenient extension. One thing that has always bugged my about Yahoo!Mail is once you are in your Inbox (or any other folder) you have to click on the message to view it. With the AJAX Yahoo! Mail Extension, a small ‘plus sign’ is added next to each message in your Inbox (or other folder) which will allow you to preview the message without leaving the folder. As a bonus, you can also download attachments from your Yahoo!Mail with just one…

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Bon Echo 2.0mt1 Update

I have been running the nightly builds of Bon Echo now for a couple weeks. Last night I was presented with an interesting or as it called itself, ‘major test upgrade’ to Bon Echo 2.0 mt1. I get a dialog box explaining this in an experiment and my participation is voluntary and nothing should go wrong (famous last words) with this update, but if there are problems to use Bugzilla. So I agree to continue then I presented with this: SAMPLE END-USER SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT This isn’t a real END-USER SOFTWARE LICENSE, it is just here for testing purposes. You…

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