Firefox 2.0 Tweaks

I mentioned in my Using Firefox 2.0b2 As Default Browser post, CyberNet Tech News has a great article on Firefox 2.0 Tweaks. Although Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 is in the title, all tweaks apply to the current release of Firefox 2.0. The article shows demonstrations of the new Inline Spellcheck (no more SpellBound) and Undo Close Tabs* features. Tweaks are done by editing Firefox’s about:config and include:

  • Session Restore
    • Crash Recovery or restore the browser from when you closed
    • Note: This feature became available in the ‘Options…’ (via Tools Menu) with the release of Beta 2
  • How to disable or change the scrolling tab-bar. Personally, the whole ‘tab-overflow’ or scrolling tab-bar thing is dumb. I was glad to see in Beta 2 they added the ‘List all tabs’ option which they introduced in Minefield (FF 3.0)
  • Red X Close Button setup
    • On each tab
    • Active tab only (my preference)
    • No tabs with button at end of tab-bar (just like it is FF 1.5.0.X and earlier)
  • Adding More Feed Readers. Don’t know much about this since I just use the ‘Live Bookmark’ feature to keep track of the few blogs I frequent. I suppose if I had more Blogs I visited this could be useful.

* I have discovered Firefox 2.0 lists closed tab in the History Menu, under Recently Closed Tabs. The sub-menu (similar to SessionSaver’s Snapback Tab menu) allows you to select which tab you wish to reopen (1 at a time) or reopen all tabs.