Dell’s M2010 ‘Mobile’ Computer

I had read about this ‘mobile’ computer earlier on CyberNet article from back in May. What is described as a cross between a desktop and a laptop. It is bit of a monster weighing in 18 pounds which includes the 20.1 inch display, 12-cell battery and full-size detachable Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard with 10-key numeric keypad.

Now it is hard to really grasp the concept of just how big this computer is when it is pictured by itself. Thanks to Laptop Magazine there are now some photos (such as the one to the right) which really put this computer’s size into prospective.
Photo From Laptop Magazine
Dell’s M2010 ‘Mobile Computer’
with 20.1 Inch Display

Laptop Magazine’s article: Attack of the 20-inch Notebook, is divided into three sections with photos, usability analysis and noted reactions when using the ‘mobile computer’ as a laptop:

  • On the subway
  • At the Park
  • At Starbucks

When I was in college in the mid 90’s I lugged around an older Toshiba Laptop computer my father had bought in I thinking the late 1980’s. I am not sure as to how much that computer weighed but it could have been close to the 18 pounds of Dell’s M2010. But then that was also typical of the laptop computers made during that time. However the Toshiba did not have a 20.1 inch HD WSXGA display. It had an EGA (16 colors) display and not sure about the size. So, if the 18 pounds and the bulkiness of the 20.1 inch display don’t deter you from running out and buying on these, perhaps the $3,500 price tag will.

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