Thunderbird 2.0b1 (20060926 Nightly Build) Problem

Users who downloaded and installed the nightly Thunderbird 2.0b1 (20060926) build are getting this wonderful mess…

This is very similar to the mess I had when I had the ‘Buttons!’ Extension enabled. As before, the first thing I did was start disabling my Thunderbird Extensions one-by-one and restart. After disabling all 4 of my extensions this did not go away. Now usually what is displayed in red gives a hint to the offending extension, but I soon relaized I am not using a ‘Spellcheck’ extensions with Thunderbird and for that matter I have no more extensions to disable.

Next it was off to mozillaZine to look at the nightly builds thread and sure Bug 354289! It looks like it is Thunderbird’s turn to be the victim of a ‘Microsoft’ (fixing one problem causes new problem). As of this writing the bug status is still open. However, it looks as if it has been resolved and when the next nightly is pushed through Thunderbird should work correctly. In the mean time you can always download and manually install the current tinderbox build. I did this and my Thunderbird is working correctly. Now I need to re-enable all my extensions (all four of them).

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