Firefox 2.0 RC1 Milestone Released!

The next Firefox 2.0 milestone, RC1 was released as scheduled (what a novel concept) on Tuesday, September 26th. For those who are upgrading from Beta 2 you will notice the new theme as I had described in the Firefox 2.0 Theme Update Continues entry from September 12th. This is really the only noticeable change I can see since Beta 2 was released. I am sure there have been many ‘behind-the-scenes’ bug and security fixes. But then again there may be something I missed since I am part of the ‘nightly crew’. Here are the Firefox 2 RC1 release notes.

Please note that at this time, users should not expect all of their extensions, plugins and themes from previous versions of Firefox to work properly.

Beta Software

You can get your copy via the Mozilla FTP site or if that is too complicated visit CyberNet News and use Ryan’s drop-down menu loader (widget) by selecting your desired build language and the click the button for your OS.

Reading the Firefox Builds Forums on mozillaZine, does sound like there will be an RC2 at some point, don’t know when yet. I did check the Mozilla Developer’s Calendar and nothing new there at this time.