Firefox 2.0 RC1 Update

According to Mozilla Links, a new release candidate (RC2) is scheduled for October 6. Here is a break down of some the bugs to be fixed from the thread in Google (for more detailed info on the below bugs go to bugzilla and enter the 6-digit bug number):

  • Bug 353160 ~ Unable to enter text into password field of Java Applett
  • Bug 353264 ~ ?
  • Bug 353266 ~ ?
  • Bug 353628 ~ eBay zh-TW uses wrong input encoding
  • Bug 353467 ~ [en-GB] updates to needed to stop tinderbox burning
  • Bug 353271 ~ Update Firefox help content to 2.0
  • Bug 353485 ~ Revert installer to en-US due to missing charset

Note for Bugs 353264 & 353266, I do not have high enough authorization on my bugzilla accounts to view info on these bugs. If any one does have proper authorization, please let me know what these two bugs are pertaining too (or at least why they have a higher access requirement).

One thing you may be noticing now since RC1 came out earlier this week is a larger number of theme and extensions update. Many of the add-ons developers waited for RC1 before they released their FF 2.0 add-ons. Look for more updates in the coming weeks as we get closer to the final release of Firefox 2.0.

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