Twitter iOS App: Privacy Settings not working.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Things are starting to look up for Twitter with advertisers returning and the App to remain on the App Store. However, there are major problems with the Twitter iOS app when it comes to privacy settings: they are not working. Hmm…how could no one seen this coming? This is exactly what happens when three-quarters of your staff is gone either being fired, laid off or quits…shit starts breaking. In this case it is major stuff such protecting tweets or toggle direct message privacy settings. User on iOS are reporting a pop-up will appear that says “some settings failed to save.”

Image Credits: Screenshot by TechCrunch

Last week, Twitter’s former Trust & Safety head Yoel Roth spoke at a Knight Foundation conference. When asked where he sees Twitter in a year, he said he doesn’t expect that there will be one specific moment in which the site implodes — rather, the user experience will worsen over time.

“What are the canaries in the coal mine that suggest that something’s not right?” Roth asked. “A couple of the things that I keep an eye out for are, have core safety features stopped working the way that you expect?”

Someone needs to remind The Chief Twit: Twitter is not Microsoft and users are not going to stick around ‘for better or for worse’…especially when there are plenty of (better) alternatives to Twitter. Even more so if users can not control the most basic privacy settings on their accounts. If Twitter can not get this fixed quickly (and kept fixed) they could end up attracting more unwanted attention from the EU.

via TechCrunch