Firefox Memory Issues

A recent article, Firefox Analyzed: 611 Defects and 71 Vulnerabilities Found posted on CyberNet Tech News today exposes the ‘memory issues’ plaguing Firefox 1.5.0.X. One important things to keep in mind is many of these ‘issues’ have been fixed in the upcoming Firefox 2.0 release.

While I am not on the final build yet for Firefox 2.0 AND I am using extensions that were designed for 1.5.0.X builds, I still have noticed a big drop in memory usage. Well, that was after I stopped trying to use Yahoo Mail Beta (see this article on CyberNet Tech News if you want to try it out), which was causing my memory usage go up to the levels close to that when I was using Firefox One has to wonder if the memory usage was that high in Firefox 2.0, what would it have been in