My Way not going my way

Last week I tried out My Way and while at first was impressed, it is just not working very well. Especially the My Way Mail which claims I have messages yet they are no where to be found. It almost seems as if I don’t go to my In Box within a certain amount of time, my e-mails disappear. I am keeping it active for now and see if this improves or if these ‘phantom’ e-mails suddenly show-up. But I have ended up switching most of my e-mail subscriptions back over to Yahoo.

3 Comments on My Way not going my way

  1. Ah Hah. I am NOT alone with having problems with My Way!

  2. Almost seems like the Bermuda Triangle of e-mail.

  3. I gave up on both my email addresses there. It worked well. Of course it had to get ruined. Bye-bye, ‘MyWay.’

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