Download Statusbar

Thanks to Ryan at CyberNet Tech News for this extension tip! Download Statusbar adds a customizable download status bar just above the main status bar. Now, if you are using the PDF Download extension along with FoxIt, this is a must. The example below shows two PDF documents downloaded (via the PDF Download Extension) in order to be viewed in FoxIt.

Download Status Bar
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Now when I am done viewing the documents, I don’t need them to still be sitting on my hard drive. This is where the Download Statusbar extension is a real time saver, all I have to do is right-click on the file(s) and select ‘Delete From System’. If I use Firefox’s Download Manager I would need to open the manager, select the file, right-click and then select ‘Open Containing Folder’ which would open Windows Explorer and then I could delete the file(s).

The extension work is Firefox 1.5 as well as 2.0 (all builds). I was able to run this with no problems on the most recently nightly on Bon Echo Beta 2.