Funny & Unusal Firefox Extensions

Firefox has around 1800 extensions just on Mozilla Add-ons and countless others from developers who did not want to be listed on Mozilla Add-ons. Today on CyberNet News, a look at some of the funnier Firefox extensions. Now, I have to admit while some of these are quite creative and humors a couple (such as the Random Theme Switcher) if in the hands of the wrong people could provide some really interesting results in an office environment.

See the article: The Funniest Firefox Extensions for full description and download link (Note: some of these are older and may not work with Firefox 1.5.0.X and/or 2.0):

  • Ad Bar
  • Ant-Paranoia
  • Autobrowse
  • Firesomething
  • Goodbye, Cruel World
  • Hammer Time
  • Mood Tap
  • Office Poltergeist
  • Random Theme Switcher
  • Remove Links