Firefox Issues?

I’ve been keeping an eye out on Go Firefox! as well as mozillaZine. There seems to be a couple issues with some folks with the addons manager and secure websites. The biggest problem folks seem to be having is related to their Firewalls blocking Firefox For firewall related issues check out:

For an easy to configure firewall I would suggest Sygate Personal Firewall. It is free and anytime an application tries to access the Internet or has changed since you last ran it, Sygate popups a box describing the issue and asking if you wish to allow this application to run. Simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to configure with the option to remember your choice.  Some folks may be annoyed with the popups, but I’ll take the popups over having the Firewall totally block the application.

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  1. I second your endorsement of Sygate Personal Firewall. It is unfortunate that Symantec bought Sygate and promptly discontinued SPF. But that doesn’t change the fact that SPF is easy to use and it works well.

  2. I’ve used some other Firewall software in the past but found them difficult to setup. The simple ‘Yes’/’No’ interface with Sygate is what I really like. When I had try to setup the windows firewall for a file sharing program it was a pain as I had to configure the exact ports it was trying to use. Sygate asked if I wanted this program to access the Internet and that was it.

  3. After installing firefox can no longer see the internet…

  4. Sounds like a Firewall issue. Which Firewall program are using?

  5. is a problem here as well. No PC firewalling apps loaded (hosts running are behind Checkpoint FW). Firefox just freezes up after use for a period and won’t respond to mouse interaction (e.g. dropdown menu) nor control commands. Killing Firefox shows it still residing in background.

    From bad to worse… after three years, it’s back to IE for (gasp) reliability.

  6. If you upgrade from, you might want to uninstall and then do a clean install of Firefox

    You won’t lose your settings as your profile will still be intact as is located away from the main application.

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