Security Warnings

Like most web browsers, Firefox will display security warnings such as:

  • Entering Secure Sites
  • Low-grade Encryption
  • Leaving A Secure Sites
  • Information about to be submitted is not encrypted
  • Some of the items are not page are not encrypted

To disable these warnings in Firefox 1.5.0.X builds (Firefox 2.0 users see below) you will need to it via about:config…

  1. Open a new tab (if you have the about:config extension installed, click the icon and skip to step 3)
  2. In the address bar type about:config
  3. Enter security.warn in the Filter bar to limit display to just options containing ‘security.warn’.
  4. Double-click on the options names which DO NOT end with ‘.show_once’ to toggle them from TRUE to FALSE
  5. Close the tab when you are done and changes usually take effect immediately.

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Thankfully, for Firefox 2.0 it much easier to disable these warnings…

  1. From the Tools Menu, Select Options…,
  2. Click the Security Tab
  3. At the very bottom in the ‘Warning Messages’ section, click ‘Settings…”
  4. Pick and chose which (if not all) messages to disable.
  5. Click OK


3 Comments on Security Warnings

  1. Hi:
    Thanks for the information about the security warnings. Hopefully you can point me in the right direction or let me know if this is at all possible.
    I work at a College, with hundreds of computers with the FireFox browser. We’ve recently implemented changes to a few internal and external webpages and we’d like to disable the security warnings. Is there any way to make these changes programmatically so that we can push them out through a script and have them apply only to a few designated URL’s?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Thanks for writing, I would suggest you post this question over at the Firefox Support Board on mozillaZine. What you are asking sounds possible and might be done via a GreaseMonkey script. The folks over at mozillaZine should be able to help you out.

  3. please help…im getting the ssl protocol error ONLY on facebook. myspace works fine…im not sure how this happened but ive looked up quite a few solutions and still no dice.. please get back to me asap at my email thanks guru

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