New Blog Home: 2 Weeks Later

It has been 2 weeks since I moved the Blog from Blogger over here to its new home at WordPress. At first I was not sure if this was such a good idea, but I wanted to able to take advantage of the trackback features on CyberNet News. One of the things I do like about WordPress is it provides stats for your blog. I’ve been reviewing those daily and seeing a steady increase of views, that was until the 13th. On Wednesday the 13th the Adobe Acrobat vs FoxIt Reader entry alone had 87 of the total 222 views! That is more than I was getting in an entire day. Even more impressive though, 75 of the visits to my blog came from the trackback link posted on the FoxIt article on CyberNet.

Also been noticing many of my visits/views are coming from within WordPress thanks to the categories assigned to the articles. Even looks like a few visitors are following the links in the Go Firefox! Forum. Also WordPress shows the top search engine terms used to find the blog. Over the past couple days FoxIt and Firefox have been the top terms.

Now, my only gripe about WordPress is its WYSIWYG editor. A bit limited compared to that of Blogger. Simple solution around this is to compose post where I needed to do a lot of formating in Nvu and then copy the source over to WordPress. Also need to get accustom to the fact the for WordPress the ‘day’ ends at 5:00 PM my time, until the end of October when it will be 6:00 PM (no daylight savings time in my part of Arizona) But given what I have seen thus far, I am glad I made the move.