My Way Revisited

A couple week’s ago I mentioned in my entry, My Way Not Going my way, troubles with the My Way e-mail. Also I had stopped using My Way as my home page, going back to Yahoo. Today on CyberNet, Ryan Ashley reviews My Way thanks to a tip I had sent to them a while back. After using Yahoo the last couple weeks I decided I’d give My Way another chance.

There were some things Yahoo just could not offer that were great with My Way.

  • My TV Favorites, just select from the local listing you want as your favorites and My Way will search through the listing and display each day all the listings for your favorite shows. Helpful when TV Stations move schedules arounds due to sporting or new events.
  • My TV Listings, the grid is color coded which makes it easier to find what you are looking for (once you learn the color codes)
  • My News allows you to set the number of headlines you wish to display from each source to 4, 6 or 8. Whereas with Yahoo, you are stuck with 5 headlines per source.
  • My Cartoons you can have more than Yahoo’s standard 3. In addition you can have any cartoon as long as you know the URL. The downside is the cartoons are not loaded on the home page, but that does speed up the page’s loading.

I am still uneasy with their e-mail, although I did have a couple messages from over the weekend. Also had some issues when trying to use the myway e-mail address for registrations with certain sites rejecting the use. I’ll keep my Yahoo Mail for all access e-mail and it easy to keep on top of this account with the Yahoo Mail Notifier Extension.