Foxy Tunes 2.0 Now Available to All!

For nearly 3 months I been using the ‘preview or beta’ version of Foxy Tunes 2.0, which was only available on the developer’s site. Thanks to a tip from CyberNet News (FoxyTunes 2.0 Released For Firefox Users), I am happy to announce the developers have released it to Firefox Add-Ons now.

FoxyTunes 2.0 ‘Desktop Widget’

Not only do you get to control your media player right from Firefox, but now there are many new search features. Simply hover over the note button ( ) on your FoxyTunes toolbar to pop-up the ‘desktop widget’ and you select the search features from there. Also, if you click on the button, the desktop widget will remain displayed and can also be re-positioned.

What makes this extension even better besides all the cool new features is it already compatible with Firefox 2.0 as well as Firefox 1.5. It is even suppose work with Mine Field (FF 3.0), but I don’t think I have it installed on my Mine Field profile at this time.