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Has this ever happened to you? You are typing along in a text-box and notice an error. But for whatever reason Firefox no longer has emphasis on the text-box and when you hit the backspace key you end up navigating backwards (much like Internet Exploiter). The Disable Backspace Navigation extension fixed this by disabling the backspace key from navigation.

Some background on this issue/bug, it has been an on going issue that the folks at Bugzilla said could be fixed with a simple about:config entry change. I tried this ‘fix’ and it did not work so I installed the extension. Then they said it was fixed in Firefox 2, so I disabled the extension. Well, I discovered the hard way while composing a message on Delphi Forms, this is not the case. I had clicked on a button the WYSIWYG Editor and noticed a typo and hit the backspace key and was taken back to the message I was viewing, losing everything I had composed.

This extension works with Firefox 1.0-1.5, but can be forced to work with Firefox 2.0 via the Nightly Testers Tools extension.

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  1. I can’t believe those fuckheads haven’t fixed this yet. Everyone on the planet who uses Firefox must have had this happen to them at least once in their lives. In my case, at least 30. I feel your pain about losing what you wrote in a textbox too… you’re not alone!

  2. TOTALLY AGREE! it’s freaking not good for anything, it’s a major annoyance!

  3. You can also set the browser.backspace_action in about:config which defaults to 0, which is the default action of going back one page. Setting it to 1 scrolls back one page, with an option to shift + delete to scroll down one page (neither of which seem that useful to me). And setting it to 2 (or any other value) disables any action other than simply deleting a character.

    I’m all for avoiding additional extensions when the config settings can be adjusted.

    Cheers 🙂

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